Intro to Waikiki Beaches

Waikiki Beach Tourist Information and Vacation Guide

Although most people refer to 2-mile long Waikiki Beach as a single beach, it is officially comprised of multiple beaches, each with a different name and unique qualities.

From east to west, the beaches are:

  1. Duke Kahanamoku Beach
  2. Fort de Russy Beach
  3. Gray's Beach
  4. Central Waikiki Beach
  5. Queen's Surf Beach
  6. Sans Souci Beach
Waikiki Area Beaches
Waikiki Area Beaches

Three noteworthy beaches just outside of Waikiki are:

  1. Ala Moana Beach (west of Waikiki)
  2. Kailua Beach (east of Waikiki)
  3. Hanauma Bay Beach (east of Waikiki)

For those wishing to travel further abreast, there are other beaches of interest around the Island of Oahu.

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